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I am Mallesham Ghanapuram kondapak suffering from(CKD) Chronic kidney disease since last nine months(both the kidneys are failed) . Doctors are advised to go for kidney trans plantation. My wife is the donor for me keeping her life in risk she gave me a second chance to live by donating her kidney to me. The transplantation was done on 19-11-2016. Now we both are patients. We have two kids studying 6th standard. I am in need of your help. Anna if possible please do the needful help for me.i am already messaged all my details to Narsimmulanna. Transplantation was done at: NIMS hospital punjagutta. Hyderabad

Patient name: G. Mallesham
Admission no. 160909423
Dept: Nefrology
Ref. Doctor: T. Gangadhar(head of the Dept)

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